International Business Consulting

Assure Management Consultancy is having expertise in International Business Management and Legal solutions. We are the only firm which provides both the solutions hand in hand. We have a team which can work on your International Expansion.

We have a team which can design the entire expansion strategy by focusing on the technical and International Law.

Targeted Regions

African, Middle East, Asian, American, European, etc…

Our Expertise lies not only in import and export, we have gone beyond this. We are the experts in FTA, Subsidies, Govt. Liaoning, Marketing Development subsidies, Trade fair, EOU, Export obligations, Letter of credit, Credit rating, Strategic marketing, MLM, MDA, EPCG, DEPB, etc…

Our Specialized services are

We are the experts in International Finance

Letter of credit, Subsidies, Liaoning, Customs, Bank procedures, Bill of Ladder, Advance authorization, DEPB, EPCG.

We are experts in International Business Marketing

Multi Level Marketing, Strategic alliance, B2B portal marketing, Google Marketing like adword, adsense, PPC, Facebook & Twitter marketing, International Exhibitions and fairs.

We design entire strategy in such a way that the entire International Business becomes a vibrant success at a single go. We help companies in International Alliances like Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions, EOU, Wholly owned subsidiary, etc.

We give the best possible business solutions to the clients to make the International Business a Primary and most profitable business strategy.